Sarah Shelton is an American singer/actress born and raised in the bright city of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

While growing up in one of the world's largest hubs for live entertainment, she was surrounded by stages where some of the most influential and iconic performers have played. This gave Sarah her first taste of show biz, and she could not be more grateful to have come from the city that gave her the wings for her career. At just nine years of age, she was determined to share her gift just as she had seen her idols do in her historical hometown for so many years.

Her passion for music has now lead her to being a triple plus threat. Her talents include but are not limited to:

Singing, Songwriting, Acting, Hosting, Dancing, Guitar, Gymnastics, and Ice Skating.


Currently, Sarah is working on her debut album "ICONS"  with the renowned studio, Baseline Audio Labs.

Sarah has been blessed to be traveling while performing and hosting for major events across the globe in regional and commercial theatres, cruise lines, hotels, and casinos. Currently, she is the lead vocalist and host at American Music Theatre  in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a year long residency at The Smoky Mountain Opry  in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Notably, one of her first major credits was as lead female backup vocalist for the iconic rock band TOTO. Her career has continued to travel internationally since.


Pop, Rock, Country, and Soul are just a few genres that not only inspire Sarah, but also reflect in her voice and writing. Headlining and hosting for major casinos and venues is where she learned how to be so vocally versatile. 

She thanks her hometown for giving her continuous support.

 Her motivational motto that continues to drive her to success is:

"Always be humble. Always be grateful. And always SHINE YOUR LIGHT!"